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    Washington crossing the Delaware

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    Appomattox Courthouse

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    Statue of Liberty

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    Omaha Beach

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    Jackie Robinson

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    First Footsteps on the Moon

  • ...to tell America's magnificent story.

History is the lifeblood of our nation

The American History Guild was founded to rekindle and stoke the sacred fire of liberty so that it may burn brightly in the hearts of those now living and yet unborn. Our vision is to draw upon our Republic’s illustrious past to enlighten and enliven the people of this great nation in order that they, in turn, will do the same. The projects we have embarked upon are myriad and varied but have one desired end: to re-acquaint our citizens with the miracle that was our country’s founding, and in the process, restore the seeds of liberty and civic virtue in the grand hope that America will long endure.

Our Brands

  • Preservationists's Guild
    Preservationists's Guild

    As a division of The American History Guild, the Preservationist’s Guild creates and preserves historic and historically inspired architecture.

    What We Believe

    We subscribe to the tenets embodied in America’s founding ideals. All the founding fathers, most notably Thomas Jefferson, believed that our nations institutions, including architecture, should stand as monuments to our nations vaunted creed.

    We believe architecture should seduce, uplift, it should assuage one’s latent anxiety. It should tap into that part of the brain that only poets know well, the part which has no capacity for language, and yet an infinite capacity to feel - the place where stirring emotions are born.

    Architecture should transport you from the clutter of the world to the comfort of your being. It should be enveloping and sensual. It should entertain the shrouded caverns of your consciousness. And unbeknownst to the fore of your mind, it should outwit one’s mundane senses by speaking in the hushed tones of voiceless and subtle eloquence.

    In everything we do, we endeavor to bring these sentiments to life.

  • Liberty Cigars
    Liberty Cigars

    The Liberty Cigar Company was founded to reacquaint men and women with the simple pleasures of respite & leisure. Lasting bonds, whether among one or many, are more easily formed when wrought in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. Indeed, it was in the taverns and courtyards of colonial America, through the wisps of roiling smoke and fine pints, that the spiritual foundation for our country’s creation were laid.

    Enjoying Cigars is the time-honored leisure activity of the true gentleman (and gentlewoman). Its history is rich with stories of vaunted dreams and grand ambition. We have created cigar collections around the great people places and events in American History. Each cigar is meticulously crafted to mirror the personality of its namesake. Each one therefore has its own story to tell.

  • Historic Hospitality
    Historic Hospitality

    The Historic Hospitality Group, seamlessly melds a modern dining experience with the great restaurants, clubs and taverns in history. Presently, we proudly feature two brands, Branch & Barrel and Indigo.

    In 2017 we will open our flagship restaurant to be named The Republic (An elegant twist on the great American Chophouse). as well as The Founders Club at Liberty Hall.

  • Mobile Academy
    Mobile Academy

    The Mobile Academy develops innovative educational applications for todays mobile society.

    In February 2017, we are launching “Presidents Revealed,” an immersive, “Who Done It” app. It will be available in both IOS and Android versions and followed by a series of other educational apps beginning with “Dinner at the Periodic Table” and “Presidential Pets.”